Welcome to the official website for artist/musician Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood (MRN).

Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood is an electronic music artist/producer and visual artist based in the United States. 

Dedicated to a safer space for all the filthy freaks and glamorous geeks of the universe <3


Latest Track

No Faith In Medicine - new track by yours truly and alot of other promising/interesting material in progress ;) this track is scheduled to release on my Soundcloud on 8/11, and should be on Spotify early next week. Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone! <3

Purity Tramp on Shellshocked Radio ep. 198 

Thank you so much again to Megalmodas for airing Purity Tramp on their show. Official airdate was August 2nd and I've posted a link to the episode below. Also check out the other artists featured on the show, Megalmodas has pretty good taste IMO and it was alot of fun to listen to. 



Artists featured in this episode:

@achefaceindustrial - False Flag

#captain #birthday and the #undertaker - Poison

@darkDARKmusic - Cult

Fevr - When we Dance

@Fluidea - La Oscuridad

#megalmodas - #love #doll #john #gilmour #remix

Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood - #purity #tramp

@nokidspetsok - sever your ties

@otobahn - #unhinged

#ringfinger - an apparation

@SomeDaysAreDarker - #nocturne

The Spiral Electric - #shadow in the #dark


Hey all you fine people! <3

Lots of different stuff going on. Most importantly, MRN has released a 2nd album on Spotify I encourage everyone to check out if you haven't gotten a chance to yet. This is a rough and potentially over-ambitious attempt of mine at a concept album, the details of which were outlined in a recent pitch to some playlists, and will share the details soon for those interested. Extremely grateful that one of the tracks on this album was selected for a top 300 spot on Tinnitist.com and featured on one of their recent top 300 playlists! 

I am now on Twitter and you can follow me @roswellsplace

(full disclosure, I'm not especially active on most social media, I've gotten “better” about it, but it tends to be mentally and emotionally and exhausting for me so I prefer to leave it alone when possible)

More stuff is coming up soon but that's all I got for now. 

Obligatory mention to those in the U.S and those observing - happy Independence Day!! - be safe! 

Special thanks to everyone out there still listening and spreading the good word! Y'all are the best! Much love! <3<3<3




Purity Tramp 

A few updates for all you fine folks following the continued experiment that is Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood: 

  1. The first full length project/album in over 10 years since the rebirth/re-imagining of MRN has been cleared for distribution through Soundcloud and will be available for streaming on all major platforms in 5-7 days. You can also purchase your own digital copy on my Bandcamp. I was hoping to have wrapped this up already, but it has been a nightmare dealing with Soundcloud to get the proper tracks released and their support team for artists or otherwise is virtually nonexistent. I'm doing a little more research on available distribution methods and will likely be using Distrokid or a similar service in the future. 
  2. Nothing is purchase-able on my official website yet as I still have to update it, most of the tracks that are displayed are demos but are free to download if you wish. I will likely be sending out free download links for the finished products to family, friends, and close supporters (once the dust settles and some other issues are resolved).
  3. There are plans to release a 2nd full length project in early July 2023, and a 3rd in late summer/early fall (hopefully). 
  4. Shellshocked Radio of Shellshocked Radio will be sharing "Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood - Purity Tramp" here: The song will air on August the 2nd 2023 at 7 pm CEST, streamed live here on YouTube: youtu.be/8dJ5HmhWqos 
  5. Parkett, an underground electronic music webzine/blog recently did a brief review/editorial on the song Purity Tramp which can be found here: https://www.parkettchannel.it/mr-roswells-neighborhood-purity-tramp/
  6. (It is more of an introduction than a review but was still excited to see it!!! <3)
  7. Ingrown Radio: Ingrown Radio has shared "Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood - Purity Tramp" here: This will air 6/27 Tuesday evening at 10pm eastern on our local public access TV and internet radio but the show is already streaming and archived here if you want to share whenever you see fit: mixcloud.com/FoundSubmithubRadio/found-sounds-submithub-105/
  8. Several independent playlists, and radio shows/streaming platforms have offered to host another one of my songs “Your Broke Authority” in the coming months. I will be sure to provide the necessary links once they get closer to a release date! =D  


That about covers all the major updates for the time being, but will probably remember/think of some other stuff later. But most importantly, in closing, I would like to extend my continued gratitude and appreciation for all of those listening to my music and sharing it with others. It blows my mind and is difficult to truly express in words how grateful I am everyday that other individuals and artists all over our big blue beautiful b*tch of a planet, take time out of their busy lives and schedules to listen to my music. I feel I may never be able to truly repay the level of kindness and support you all have shown, but I will be forever grateful and will continue to make music and art to share with you all and hopefully inspire something in you. 

Peace and love be with you all!!! Love, Aaron <3  


I liked the idea of using this space as a sort of blog that will be updated periodically and then archived. It will most likely just be reposting cool/random/interesting/funny things I've found on YouTube or elsewhere. I may also feed drop whatever song/band/album I'm into at the moment. As a sort of “acid test” I thought I'd share this clip of an interview with the band Autechre who have had a huge influence on me musically. Listening to these guys talk has the added bonus of a calming/ASMR type quality. 

Your work sucks... now it's good again. Wait... it's actually worse. Wait... OMG! 

I tend to be a sucker for interesting discussions about the creative process but often find myself in many of the traps of creativity. Recently, I've been struggling with feeling like alot of my music isn't “finished” or maybe just isn't “good enough” even when they are projects I had been passionate and certain about previously. I feel like this video does a good job of outlining/summarizing this problem. 

How Industrial Became Pop 

This was on my YouTube feed this morning and thought it was worth sharing. It is basically a short documentary about Industrial music. I'm sure many people attracted to the abstract and obscure spectrum of arts and entertainment can relate to creating a point of reference that establishes and restores a sense of familiarity with those otherwise unfamiliar with the subject in discussion. As a fan of industrial music, I've frequently had to do use NIN as the textbook example of the genre as they are quite possibly one of the most famous and widely recognizable industrial bands. I'm not trying to throw shade at anyone, we love Trent… I love Trent! 

I think it merits recognition that certain frames of reference borrowed from the mainstream provide a good foundation for newer and younger audiences to expand their interests, but part of me remains skeptical about these trendsetters, as I feel they continually overcast and absorb similar artists.