Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood

a sonorous vortex, drawing listeners into the fluid universe of experimental electronic dance music. From the crisp snare claps to the soothing ebb and flow of synth waves, each element is elegantly woven into a harmonic tapestry, serving as a testament to the boundless versatility of electronic music.” - Skylar (Certified Bop)

Certified Bop Magazine

such a unique groovy vibe! love the eclectic and diverse interplay of punchy sounds and features which are reminiscent of different genres like Glitch, Industrial, Synthwave, and IDM but overall has a neo-electronic concept/soundscape that is not too experimental and with defined structure and tempo! Very cool intermingling between the sections and elements used. It definitely makes you chill out and groove with it! Very crisp production! Loved it!” - Oghamyst Music

Oghamyst Music

roswell, electronic music, discover, visual art, abstract

Mr. Roswell's Neighborhood

Art, Music, and Evil Efficiency

MRN is the solo creative project/alias of individual/artist/human Aaron E. (Last Name Redacted). The project focuses on the creation and distribution of instrumental electronic music and visual art that incorporates experimentation of both contemporary and non-contemporary genres. 

a captivating fusion of Classical/Instrumental, Electronic, and Pop elements. The combination of orchestral arrangement, electronic textures, and pop sensibilities creates a mesmerizing sonic landscape... the experience is immersive... innovative and evocative” - Joker

Music Evolution


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